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Published February 8, 2018


Metcon1: (partner) AMRAP 7 min

Partner A:
7 OHS (115/85)
7 T2B

Partner B:
7 T2B
7 OHS (115/85)

*one person works at a time, partner B starts T2B when partner A completes 7 reps of OHS
** each partner must complete 7 reps of OHS or T2B before other person starts
***score total reps

3 min rest

Metcon 2: (partner) AMRAP 7 min
Assault Bike or Row
50 cal.
7x burpees
40 cal.
7x burpees
30 cal.
7x burpees
20 cal.
7x burpees
10 cal.
7x burpees

*one person works at a time split work as necessary
**score total calories

Back Squat (10x3 @55%) 3 secs pause in the bottom
Deadlift (5x3 @65%) 3 sec negative + Deadstop at bottom

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