Thursday 011118

Published January 11, 2018


Warm up: (10 min)
2 min DU (or singles) then

Barbell warmup: 5x Good morning, 5x BS, 5x elbow rotations, 5x stiff leg DL, 5x FS

Bergner snatch warmup empty bar or PVC

Strength: (15 min)
Snatch (6x3 @75-80% of 1RM)
Increase weight every set or stay the same across all 6 working sets..... Rest 90 secs b/t sets

Metcon Partner
10 RFT split all work as necessary
50 Double Unders
15 T2B
*1x DU = 3x Singles, T2B  K2E, knees to 90, Leglifts, v-ups or abmat situps
**18 min time cap

Every min (10 mins)
200/175m Ski

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