Thursday 113017

Published November 30, 2017


Warm up:
1,000m Row (2k bike or 800m run)
3 rounds:
12x KB RDL,
12x Goblet Squat,
10x Back extensions.

Strength: Deadlift: 4×5 @ 75% of 1RM.
(*goal increase weight of 4x5 work by 5-10 lbs from 11/20)

Partner for time: split all work only one person works at a time
1,000m Run, 10x Pull up, 25x Push up
800m Run, 15x Pull up, 30x Push up
600m run, 20x Pull up, 35x Push up
400m Run, 25x Pull up, 40x Push up
200m Run 30x Pull up, 45x Push up

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