Tuesday 11/21/17

Published November 21, 2017


3:00 mental prep
Sally (high plank to low plank)
Sally (Air squats)

Skill work (15 min): Muscle up and or Pullups progression
Example: Working EMOM format for 8-10 min select next individual progression of the movement. If fail to complete progression continue working that progression for the rest of the EMOM
Example skill work scheme
Muscle up Pullup:
Min 0,1: 20 sec false grip holds Min 0,1: 20 sec active hang
Min 2,3: 3-4 strict ring pullups in false grip Min 2,3: 5-8 scapular retractions
Min 4,5: 3-4 supported pulls and transition to catch Min 4,5: 20 sec hold chin above bar
Min 6,7: 3-4 strict dips Min 6,7: 2x 15 sec slow negatives
Min 8-9: 3-4 strict MU in MU trainer Min 8,9: 3x partner assisted strict pullups


Odd min: 3x MU (ring) or 3x Bar MU
Even min 4x FS (185/135)
Ring/Bar MU Modifications: 3 MU = 6 pullups and 6 dips (scale pullups and dips accordingly (jumping pullups or chin over bar hold for 15 sec 

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