Thursday 111617

Published November 16, 2017


250m row or 200 m run
3 Rounds:
5x Inchworm,
12x Monkey Squat (wide knees),
15x Russian Kettlebell Swing (KB to eye level).

Dynamic C&J Warm up: (empty bar)
5x Romanian DL,
5x clean pulls (from Hang),
5x(3x shrugs directly into clean),
5x hang power cleans,
5x jerks,
5x alternating lunges (each side),
5x thrusters,
5x hang squat cleans

In 5:00 complete:
400 m run or 500m Row or 1k bike
then AMRAP in remaining time:
3x Power Clean & Jerk (135/95)
3x Burpee over the bar.
(score total reps)

2:00 Rest

Then 4 x 4:00 AMRAP With: 30 sec rest between AMRAPS
5x Pull up
10x Air Squats
15x KB swings (full range of motion) (50/35)
400m Run or 500m row or 1k bike
Start over with pullups at beginning of each AMRAP
*Score total reps for all AMRAPS
(complete run/row/bike = 1 rep)

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