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Published October 12, 2017


Warmup: 15 min 3 min mental prep/box breathing

3x sun salutations, 1 min cat/cow pose, 1 min child’s pose, 30: sec each side t-spine twist. (lay flat on floor arms outstretched 90 degrees rotate to right bringing left foot over and touch floor, same for left side)

Barbell warmup (empty) : 5x good mornings, 5x back squat, 5x strict press, 5x stiff leg DL, 5x FS

Strength: 15 min
Strict Press
2x4 @ 65%
Push Press
2x4 @ 75%
Push Jerk
2x4 @ 85%

Metcon teams of 4
Teams will split into pairs and athletes will stay in those pairs for the duration of the workout.
The WOD is a 14:00 AMReps, split into 4 periods. Teams will be scored in 3 separate categories,

Period 1  4:00 min
Pair A: One athlete working at a time, accumulating as many reps as possible of:
-          Rope Climbs (Scaled/Masters option: 10 Hanging Knee Raises = 1 Rope Climb)
-          Snatches (Rx 135/95) (Scaled/Masters: 95/65)
- Pairs can distribute work on these movements in any way they choose. For example, they can take turns snatching for the entire 4:00 and not attempt a single rope climb. 

Pair B: During this 4:00 period, ONE athlete from Pair B will complete a 500m Row time trial. The other athlete from Pair B will be resting.

Period 2  4:00 min
This period will be identical to Period 1, except the 2 athletes from Pair B will now share work in the Rope Climb/Snatch area, while one athlete from Pair A completes a 500m row time trail and the other from Pair A rests.

Period 3  3:00 min
Same as Period 1, only one minute shorter. However, the Pair B athlete that was resting during Period 1 will now complete their 500m row time trial.

Period 4  3:00 min
Same as Period 2, only one minute shorter. The Pair A athlete that was resting during Period 2 will now complete their 500m row time trial.

*each athlete must do a 500m row
*each team will receive 3 scores:
- total rope climbs
- total snatches
- total time for 4 x 500m row: Athlete A’s time + B’s time + C’s time + D’s time

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