Monday 072417

Published July 24, 2017


Warmup (total time 12 min) :
3 min Box Breathing (5 count)
shoulder, wrist mobility, gymnastics warm up

Gymnastics Conditioning Skill (20 Min)

Pullups and Muscle-ups progression
Pullups: scapular retraction, static holds (chin above bar or just hang in active shoulder position), banded seated pulldown and hold, strict pullups (different grips), hollow position beat swings, etc. *recommend 3 x 8, then move to next level, holds max 10 sec in hollow active position (bottom, middle and chin above bar)

Muscle ups: false grip holds (10 sec; 3 x 3), false grip pulls (3 x 8), jumping transitions or floor transitions (3x8), muscle up trainer (3x8), hollow swings, hips to rings, swing pull complex i.e. 3 swings then pull to hips), dips (3x8), etc. 

Metcon - 
For Time:


Calorie Row or bike

Kettlebell Swings (50/35)

Overhead Squats (75/55)

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