Mara's Mobility Class -Wednesdays

Mara Duncan, with FlexFitt Health, is a soft tissue and flexibility coach.  She uses a variety of movements that will enhance your mobility. Improved mobility reduces the risk of injury during an intense workout, improves rehabiliation for prior injuries and transitions to more functionality in daily activities.

Come join her class being offered at the Mustang Fitness building:


Wednesdays- 1 Class Only - Don't Miss It

 11 AM  - 11: 45 AM                 

***There will be NO PM Classes


$5/class for CFOR Members (can be charged from CFOR account)

$8/class for Non-CFOR Members


**For individual sessions & more focus with one-on-one therapy,

Contact Mara @ (574)297-1259 (She is located right here in our building)

High knowledge and helped me with my shoulder after surgery!

Competent in all ways and gave me back my lost trust over my shoulder!

Anna-Lena Nyberg, CFOR Member


Mara is amazing!  Very professional, thorough, and attentive. She knows exactly how to pinpoint your issue and work towards a solution for better mobility and flexibility. I've been seeing her monthly for various issues and am very pleased with the results. 

 Sara Benefiel, CFOR Member
Mara has been working with me since she came on board at CFOR.  She has been working on my mobility and occasionally sore muscles.   I have been impressed with her knowledge and expertise.  She is a good addition to our box.  
Sharon Hopper