What is CrossFit?

It’s been called the “sport of fitness.”   It is a strength and conditioning program developed by Dr. Greg Glassman where the workouts are performed with constantly varied (no stale routine),  functional movements (because that is how your body works naturally), performed at high intensity (anaerobic).  In addition, by defining the rules and standards for performance we can measure results across various metrics such as time, weight and distance.


What can I expect at my first workout? 

First, you can expect a challenging workout that is led by a Certified CrossFit Trainer.  The workout will be performed with a small group and “scaled” according to your fitness level, experience and overall health.   The actual workout may last anywhere from 6-20 minutes but you should prepare for about an hour of activity including a warm up and some instruction.  

Do I have to be in shape to join?

No, we can work with any fitness level, age or physical limitation.  We modify workouts with load, intensity and motion so that anyone can participate.  We start with basic movements and focus on technique and safety in order to reduce injury and create good habits.

What is Mustang Fitness and do I have to be a member of CFOR to take advantage of Mustang Fitness opportunities?

Mustang Fitness is the almost 6 acre site located at 8309 Linville Road which consists of a 12,000sf building, 2 full size practice fields, outdoor Pergola, BMX track and 62 parking spaces.  It is the home of CrossFit Oak Ridge and offers other fitness activities such as ZumbaSpinBatting CagesTeam Fitness TrainingOutdoor Field Rental, and Indoor Facility Rental for Fundraisers and Events.  Anyone can contact us with inquiries to use our facility and its amenities.  You do not have to be a Member of CFOR to participate in the Mustang Fitness activities and programs mentioned above.

I am intimidated by what I have seen on TV at the CrossFit Games.  Can I really perform these workouts?

So am I and YES, you can perform those same workouts…just not at those weights and speeds.  Those athletes are extremely talented and practice very hard to perform at that level just like any other professional athlete.     

What if I have a special health concern or disability?

We will address it.  You will never be asked to perform any movement or workout that you are not comfortable with.

How do I get started?

Glad you asked, CLICK HERE! 3…2…1…GO!

Can I drop in and check it out?

YES!  You are welcome to drop in and observe any workout.  Depending on the type of workout we are doing that day, you may even be able to participate in a modified version.  We also offer Saturday morning workouts at 9am that are open to anyone and designed to give the athlete a taste of what CrossFit is about.  Pleasecontact us with any questions or concerns before we see you.  Here is our weekly SCHEDULE.

Do you have bathrooms/showers or a kid’s area?

YES.  There are Men/Women’s bathrooms with dressing area, open lockers and a shower in each one.  We also have a “kids” room that is supervised at certain times to allow our members to focus on their workouts if they have to bring children to the gym.

What is a WOD?

WOD is CrossFit lingo for “Workout of the Day.” 

There are several other acronyms commonly used in the CrossFit community like AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible), RFT (Rounds For Time), etc… 

Don’t worry, you will pick them up in no time.

What should I bring with me?

Just bring a positive attitude and a desire to improve your level of fitness.

What if I have an injury or special requirement?

That’s OK.  Just let us know in advance if there are any special conditions or concerns you have.  We are here to have fun and push you to work hard, but we are most concerned with your safety and overall good health.  You will be trained on the proper form and technique but as with any sport, injuries can sometimes happen.  Good communication, proper form and realizing our limits will help reduce those occurrences. 

Do you offer personal training sessions?

Yes, we have several trainers who will work with individuals and small groups for a fee.  Please see one of our coaches for schedules and rates.

As a female, will CrossFit bulk me up?

No.  Our program will actually lower your body fat/lean muscle ratio.  Lifting heavy weights and eating more protein and calories is the only way to “bulk up”.